Monday, 7 February 2011

Writing Exercise 7: Picture Prompt

I've been thinking about symbols and signs, some things we take for granted, as well as assume everyone can understand. A bit like internet abbreviations. There has to be at least one out there that you're not familiar with.

Anyway, this prompt is to do with signs.

1) The centre of the plot has to revolve around the misinterpretation of one. This leaves room for the obvious choices: humour or tragedy, but also romance and more. Not that it has to be a genre piece.
2) Choose from the following: (unless you already have something in mind)

Exit Sign by ~TheLilPhotographer on deviantART

Confusing? by ~redgobbler on deviantART

confusing by ~missingnumbers on deviantART

BEST SIGN EVER by ~z532 on deviantART

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