Thursday, 10 February 2011

Row update 9

Is writing a habit for me? No. Not at all. It never was. There's always been a story which I must get down one one go, but once it's over I can go weeks without writing, pondering another story. There is no habit. Only work ethic.

Currently reading Ray Bradbury's Zen in the Art of Writing. Interesting so far. I admire the way he went about his writing career, spending every spare minute in the library to educate himself. Will be reading this on the train later today.

He says that one day of not writing get him tense, two, edgy and three, bordering on lunacy. I do get something akin to edginess, but only on the first day of not writing, then all returns to normal, my mind content to wander. Does that make writing a habit? Possibly, but not in Ray Bradbury's sense.

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  1. I think the work ethic applies to your writing habit - when you have something you want to write about. If you have nothing to 'say', you and your muse both know it. If nothing is 'cooking', keep living your life and don't sweat it. Sounds like you 'get to business' when you Are in writing mode, and that is the part that counts.

    Have a wonderful weekend! See you Sunday!


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