Thursday, 3 February 2011

ROW update 8

I don't want to drop out from this ROW thing. I don't. I missed one or two check ins but here I am, at last.

There was a day of pure writing this weekend that I think deserves telling. First thing in the morning, still sipping my coffee, I sat down at my desk. Every few hours I would find somewhere else to sit, but never took more than a ten minute break. The result was 2000 words (so now I know what a whole non-stop day of writing produces, without any of the fuffing around I normally do. While I'm impressed with my effort, I'm not impressed with the number).

The next day my numbers went back to normal: 800. Then down, when I got busy: 350.


  1. Hey, but at least you're trying to write a bit every day! That's great. Keep up the good work. 350 words is better than none.

  2. It's nice that you saw what concentrated effort produces. And it's outstanding that you just take the next day and just start writing again. Great Work!!!


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