Wednesday, 16 February 2011

ROW update 11

I've had a writing goal and aims overhaul. A complete revolution. I had been beating myself up about word counts and how much writing I should be doing. I couldn't really write every waking minute but whenever I don't the guilt sets in. So here's my new goal to maximise output and way to relieve guilt.

I got a nifty little timer from cnet:

I just took the timer and set it to five hours. I can pause the timer whenever I need to check my emails and such, so I don't waste writing time. This way I know for sure I have done five hours of writing a day. It could be awful writing but I know that I've put in a reasonable amount of effort and the words are no longer as important as the fact that I know my time has been well-spent.

No more guilt and no more wasting time. Time to write. (My timer is currently set to pause. Only 15 min in and I've written 200 words! I don't expect to keep up the pace but it should put my previous word counts to shame.)


  1. Heh. Check out the FlyLady sometime. There's full time, working mothers of two and three that finish their college thesis using a timer. 15 minute chunks of doing ugly prep work, organizing,or research, then 30 minute chunks of writing. And they keep their homes tidy too (frankly that gets up my nose, but impresses the heck out of me just the same.) So, yes, the timer is brilliant, as it will keep you on track and keep the guilt away as well. Less guilt always equals "better writing" (er, from what I hear!)

    Congrats on your breakthrough, see you Sunday!

  2. That timer is a cool idea, I could see myself becoming addicted to it. Definitely trying that one, it will be interesting to see just how much of my time is spent on actually working - I already know I waste a lot of time but I could do with a cold slap in the face with the details. Thanks for the idea! :D

  3. First of all, I love the name of your blog!

    Second, I'm all for tools that get me to concentrate on the task at hand. I read on Twitter once about a program that blocks you from getting online except at predetermined intervals. I'm buying that next.


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