Street Statements

The idea comes from Guerilla Art. I write a message on a scrap of paper and leave it for someone to find. Here is a list of the messages I have left people: 

Did you ever try eating books or sleeping on them to absorb their power?

I know why I gave up on my ideals. Why did you?

If cheese was purple... would you eat it?

I tried making handmade soap by melting Dove in the microwave. We couldn't use the kitchen for days.

The pock marks on your face remind me of the stars.

I made a map of space. Nasa doesn't want to see it.

I wrote poems when I was sad. I don't write them anymore.

Games serve a purpose. Let's play war games.

Some people, who look like they have good reason to be shy, are so outgoing that I shrink further back into my shell.

I'm just making it up as I go.

Air travel is such a painful process. Someone, complain!

She cried quietly in the library. Someone shushed her.

Sushi, sushi, oh so juicy!

I'd eat my hat if... aw hell, I'll eat my hat anyway.