Friday, 2 March 2012

Brain seepage indeed

There's nothing to say. This does not just apply to me but everyone everywhere. As a species we spend all our time talking, expressing ourselves and our greatest advancements have been in the field of communication.

All our time, all those minutes. But is there really anything else for us to do but watch talking images, go to events where we can do much more talking with many more people or define our world with words.

It is wrong for anyone to mourn the loss of books. It's as if they believe it's the end of words. Books and words have expanded and spilt into the ether of the internet.
Words define our age. Now, if only there were advanced filters to find the meaningful stuff...

But it is like brain waves. The important filtering still has to be done by humans. There are no algorithms good enough to pick out ones with meaning.


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