Monday, 20 December 2010

Writing Exercise 4: Splitting Yourself Up

Forget your limbs for a moment, your fingers your arms and elbows. Your toes and legs, they fade away into nonexistence. Forget you posses the body of a human being, an upright bipedal.

All you are now is a cloud of consciousness, a series of thoughts, of conversations with yourself. What voices are clearest in your mind? Which two voices assert their character the most? Your supposed devil and angel? Your ego or libido?

Take the two strongest personalities that live inside you. Don't give them bodies, put them on an infinite plane with nothing but talk to fill the void.

What will they say to each other now that they are not the same person? How will they come to terms with themselves and each other? Kill the other? 'Walk' away? Befriend? Or something better.

These thought beings that live within you need their own voices from time to time. Give it to them in spades.

Door of consciousness by ~AndreyBobir on deviantART

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