Sunday, 19 December 2010

One Word and My New Writing Regime

My new morning writing exercise! It's free. It's harmless. And you have so little time to write that you can't be critical of yourself. The principal is that you have one word and sixty seconds to write about it. That's it.

So my new writing regime starts first thing in the morning with as I sip my tea, followed by an exercise from the Write Brain Workbook, possibly followed by a 3 a.m. Epiphany exercise (depending on how reluctant I am to get back to work on my book - these exercises take some considerable thought) and finally, the serious work on my novel.

As an aside, I am loving this new book I'm reading, Entropy, but unfortunately my copy turned out to be signed. I can't enjoy cracking the spine as I work my way through because I'm so concerned about the condition it's in.
And another thing: I hate novels about novelists and writers (Entropy has hints of this but has enough merits to outweigh it). It really grates at me. Write about someone other than yourself. That's what imagination and research are for.

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