Monday, 17 January 2011

ROW update 4

Quick check in:
When I'm at my little desk (9.99 from ikea!) I can get through a 1000 words a day with little effort. The days when I'm travelling back and forth for hours I get nothing done. I don't feel comfortable writing, squashed up against someone's shoulder, someone who can easily peek at what I'm writing.

While I'm glad not to be alone keeping up with my expectations, I wish everyone else the best of luck.


  1. 9.99? Scurries off to Ikea. ;)

    I'm exactly the same, I can't bear the idea of someone even taking a glance at what I'm writing. So uncomfortable with that. Best of luck next week, hope you get some time at your little desk!

  2. This "I could hug you already!" thing over the comment box is a dose of awesome. I love it.

    I can't write with anyone looking either. Plus, I would want to start writing in all kinds of whack nonsense and then a line that if you don't stop reading over my shoulder I'm going to eat your face. Just in case I did have an audience. Which wouldn't be very productive.

  3. OMG, no, wait. I just clicked Post Comment and it didn't come back with a Captcha type box?? What? But I thought I was on Blogspot? I am...

    I could totally hug you too.


I could hug you already!