Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Row Update

Finally on my feet again and full of beans! ... and the last remaining dreggs of mucus.

Well, it's the last month and what have we here? First draft, not complete yet (will it ever be). Revision of another draft, not done. Yes, I'm focusing on quality over quantity but I'm starting to despair at the number of setbacks. (Starting?) Life's not easy, but I still expect it to be. (And babysitting three days a week really throws off a writing groove.)

Well, off to attempt a massive catch up. I think I might stay up all night, just for the heck of it

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  1. You sound as if you're in the same space as I am - drifting between draft and revision. I think quality over quantity as the way to go, or so I've been telling myself. Still, one can benefit the other it seems; what's learned in editing manifests in draft work. Much success in the week head!


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