Saturday, 19 March 2011

Row Update: the Winding Path to Victory

It seems I must always have highs and lows in writing - two days of absurdly fast scribbling followed by two days of wanting to write but constantly deleting each line written.
Today ought to be an up day! I keep thinking about the deadline. It has made my good days even more productive and my low days even less.
There's only so much self-slapping I can administer. =P

By the way, did you catch the moon illusion last night?


  1. I think everyone has highs and lows. It's good that you keep going. Couldn't see the moon last night - we're having stormy, cloudy weather. :(

  2. I have days like that. I'll write sentences that would fit right in with "See Spot run," but I power through. lol Then I fix them later.

    Too busy for the Supermoon last night. I'll look for it tonight. :)

  3. Sounds about right - good - not so good - evens out - well done for still be here and best of luck - see you in round 2

  4. Just keep looking toward the next high.

    I used to write like that but I ended up not deleting anything because I couldn't stand those lows anymore. It started eating into my highs. :)


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