Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Writing Exercise 1: Picture prompt

I'm aiming to create a writer's tools section for my site (which needs bringing back to life). Meanwhile I'll post my exercises here as I come up with them. The most obvious type of inspiration, for me, is art.

So here is my first picture prompt.

1) Pick one of the two pictures below
2) Think of the first most obvious scenario that goes with the title you've picked.
3) Do the opposite, reverse your premise. E.g.: If the happiest moment you automatically think of is childbirth, then make a death some character's happiest moment. If you can be convincing, human, and not at all Disney-villain evil, then you have succeeded.
4) Once your antithesis is written you may go back to the your obvious premise if you still prefer it.

(I don't want to give you too specific an idea to build on. You're most comfortable writing in your own style and a prompt is there to fire up the connections in your brain that make your natural creativity take hold. I'd be curious to see the variety that this prompt could develop.)

HAPPY by ~thathu on deviantART

Alley of broken hearts by =wchild on deviantART

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