Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Plot Thickens

Indeed it does, or at least the character conflicts for novel number 1 (or is it number 3.5? Nah, those first tries don’t count.)

Here, for your amusement (something that really terrified me at the time) a true saga! Told almost entirely with imperative commands. (Read it! :P)

Fear the winged monster that dusts your cheeks as you barely sleep. Rouse from your pearly-grey slumber and kill it, before it takes from you again. Turn on the lights to find it gone. Wait. Wait until your eyes are closing, then allow yourself to believe it has gone away. Search through every crevice in the room, one last time. Find yourself content and lay your head back on the pillow. Glance around and turn off the light.

Sleep a second and then wake to the wings of a moth gargantuan, the Goliath of moths. Shriek once. Roll off the bed in a tangle of blankets then rage yourself up and find a weapon. With a book covered in receipt papers, back into a corner. Throw the switch and bide your time; it won’t be long before you see it and crush it. Don’t shake. You mustn’t shake like that; it’ll throw off your aim when the time comes.

See a flash of black in the dimness, a triangle against the white. As it sits poised serenely above your empty pillow, pontificate your attack. Sneak up from behind. Don’t fear that it might move. Don’t think. You must, for the love of god, stop shaking. Stop over-thinking and go for the dive. Feel a muffled crunch under the book. Remove the soiled thing and put it on the floor outside your bedroom. Close the door and try to calm down. Let the adrenalin fade and crawl back into bed so you might fall asleep. Fall asleep while still shivering mildly.

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